There’s a NEW Music Program on KKLA!

I am so stoked to be a part of a new radio show out here in the LA area on 99.5 KKLA FM. We do Christian Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and EDM on Saturday Nights on the FM dial. This show is unlike anything you’ve heard on the radio from a Christian listeners standpoint. The show consist of dope beats and good news, hosted by “DJ Stone” and myself Ellie Andrews “The Lady on Location”.

This is something the Lord has laid on our hearts to do to spread the Gospel of Jesus through music, while connecting the church with the streets and also bringing awareness to the listeners about these awesome artists we will showcase on the radio. Our youth and this culture really needs positive music with Gods heart behind it. Our hearts desire is to bridge that gap and bring more souls into the kingdom. It’s stealth ministry and frankly, really bomb music Not only are we giving listeners awesome musical content, but we are also covering and promoting local faith based events in the area! We highly encourage you to check us out and give us a listen. Sadly some ministries like this do not get the support it needs to survive, the bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge” Please partner with us to spread the knowledge of Jesus through this show!

“Saturday Night Lights” Saturdays from 10pm – 11pm How to listen to our show: Radio: 99.5 KKLA FM on Saturdays Mobile Device: iheartradio app “tune into 99.5 KKLA” on Saturdays Online: on Saturdays Also our past shows are on our Soundcloud page.

Please keep Saturday Night Lights in your prayers and help us spread the word!

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Is it me or is the topic of “Divorce” trending in both the world and the body of Christ?? It continually amazes me that people will place their careers or ministry before family.

Christian Singer-songwriter and minister, Deitrick Haddon, announced the separation of him and his wife, Damita Haddon, on his personal twitter account last night. Haddon encouraged his followers by saying “In your pursuit of ministry, don’t lose family.”

Those are wise words we all can honor and respect, but what worries me is the reality of the statement.

Are we chasing the wrong things? Is the heart of our pursuit wrong? Are we focused on personal prizes over empowering our ‘dream team’?
In a time where love is in high demand and divorce rates are even higher, it is more than discouraging to see our leaders (of any kind) fail at the “bare necessities.”

Would President Barack Obama be who he is without his wife? Would the Sun have purpose without the Moon? Even after Eve’s fall, could Adam generate generations with out her?


POWER THOUGHT:  Did God create a right hand and forsake the creation of a left?


Some things are mandatory to living …. Now I’m not saying that everyone is meant for marriage but I’d simply like to say:

Anything honorable to God, should be more than honorable to man!


What do you believe?!

– Philip G. Tarver